What is ELF?
Which Tone Profile for WiC for Guitar is right for you?
16 October, 2019 by
What is ELF?
Mark Krikorian

When we designed the WiC (Wireless Instrument Connection) System, the question was raised “do we make one especially for Guitar and one for Bass?” The decision was simple make one that would cover the full frequency range and call it WiC for Guitar. After all Bass is a Bass Guitar and who does not like full frequency range, right? Wrong!

Inside the PRA Audio Lab we are always busy in developing new products. Often we would get local and touring musicians stopping by to test what’s new. During such tests we’ve discovered that guitar players fall into two camps; those who like the full bandwidth with flat response and those who like the limited focused frequency that they get from a traditional cable.

Here is in depth look. Normally everyone is used to having the typical 20’ cable roll off the high end. What they didn’t realizes is that the 20’ cable also rolls off the lows. What is considered warm cable sound is nothing but limitation in frequency response and loss of clarity that hides mistakes and makes it seem warm and fuzzy like a nice overdrive pedal. WiC’s broad range exposed all that and even though the guitar does not go below certain frequency, the guitar players were noticing much more than what they were used to. A lot guitar players (especially the ones that like to tune down) loved the extra range. Bass players could not get enough. However the traditional guitar players felt with too much low, high end was affected.

To please traditional guitar players we tuned the WiC system to focus on guitar frequency. For bass players and guitar players that like to tune down or crave extra low end, we tune the WiC system to have extended low frequency and called it ELF (Extended Low Frequency).

To test this out, we started having two distinct models around mid-June of 2016 and labeling one as ELF. Since we are very close to our customers we would just ask them if they are a bass player or a guitar player and tell them about the two options. Before mid-June all models were essentially ELF and are great for Guitar and Bass. Moving forward the ELF versions will be simply labeled with an ELF label on the box and units. Why create new packaging when you can fix it with a simple label. If bought from a dealer and if you are not sure if you got and ELF or not, feel free to reach out to us and I will tell you.

Hope this answers the question of what is ELF. At the end of the day we are a wireless technology company that is obsessed with technology and great tone. We are dedicated to developing products for the music industry, professional audio, and consumer electronics markets. A team of satellite and wireless communications engineers put their passion for audio engineering to work to produce patented wireless gear with unmatched tone and simplicity. We sincerely hope the WiC will change the way you feel about wireless guitar systems.

What is ELF?
Mark Krikorian 16 October, 2019
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