The Real Solution for Quality TV Audio
21 September, 2021 by
The Real Solution for Quality TV Audio
Audality (R), Laura Krikorian

With all of the advancements in picture quality in televisions, not much has improved on the audio quality. TV manufacturers have found a solution for high definition resolution but have not yet found that same sweet spot for high fidelity sound. Built in TV speakers simply do not cut it, making it imperative to find other solutions. Wireless audio has not made its way into TV technology, because Bluetooth and WiFi do not satisfy the needs of TV manufacturers enough to invest in product development. Audality has perfected our wireless audio technology and not only is it available for consumers right now, but we also have everything we need to guide OEM products to market with our technology as soon as possible.

why Built-in tv audio won't cut it

After doing some digging to see what “TV audiophiles” do to solve this issue, I found that every single review recommend that you get external speakers for your TV audio.  Built in TV audio is extremely flawed, making it the least desirable option for listening. TVs are now built to be as flat as possible, using every inch for display. Because of this, there is not enough room to embed large or quality drivers. Combined with the extremely low amplification, this means the volume and range of frequency response will never cut it.  On top of that, the shape and size of the tv leads to poor driver placement. The speakers typically are pointed in the wrong direction creating sound distortion. 

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Connecting audiophile speakers through analog

If you want to connect your TV to typical audiophile speakers, you have to find a way to wire in your whole system. TV manufacturers are gravitating toward Toslink optical out for audio ports, so you need adapters for traditional bookshelf speakers. This can get pretty complicated and messy. If you go the receiver+ passive speaker route, you have to build an entire expensive sound system that most likely can’t double as your home audio system because it will be limited to your TV room and whichever audio inputs your receiver has. This also limits your access to your music streaming. 

Another issue with connecting an audiophile speaker system to your TV for audio is the need for remote control function. You will need to make sure that whatever your set-up is, you can easily control your volume without having to get up and physically do it each time.

“Optical digital audio connections are a popular way to send high-quality audio between devices. They are also known as TOSLINK connections.”

 “An optical digital audio connection sends S/PDIF digital audio between devices – either stereo or 5.1 surround sound.”

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why bluetooth AND wifi won't cut it

Wireless seems like the easiest and most obvious solution for TV audio since these wireless technologies have flooded the home audio market; however, TV manufacturers have not made that move, for good reasons. Bluetooth can’t connect more than one speaker to the source. If you do connect multiple Bluetooth devices, it is done through signal hopping, adding latency and compression. Since Bluetooth is already compressed, this will sound even worse. 

WiFi has the potential for better sound quality that Bluetooth, but it is most likely how you are streaming shows/movies/music, so each added function compressed your audio and slows down your streaming. 

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Audality recognized the gap between TV video quality and TV audio quality, and created the real solution. Audality’s wireless audio technology allows you to connect your TV wirelessly to up to four speakers, sending true HD sound. Our wireless operates on its own dedicated network so it can send completely uncompressed audio to your speakers without interruption. With the freedom to place your speakers anywhere you want rather than where the TV speakers point, you can customize your casual TV listening set-up to sound as good as a full home theater. 

The Real Solution for Quality TV Audio
Audality (R), Laura Krikorian 21 September, 2021
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