Introducing the ES5 Wireless Speaker System
The Easiest Sound System You've Ever Used
31 May, 2022 by
Introducing the ES5 Wireless Speaker System
Audality (R), Laura Krikorian

    Audality makes and sells a line of wireless bamboo home audio speakers that will blow any other system out of the water; however, we don’t talk about our professional ES5 speaker nearly enough. The Audality ES5 Wireless Speaker System is a portable, wireless high-power professional audio sound system that employs the same high quality wireless technology as the home audio speaker line. Just like you’d expect from everything else from Audality, it’s extremely easy to set up and creates a more reliable system than any bluetooth or WiFi wireless system could ever provide.

    The ES5 Wireless Speaker has a 10-inch speaker and a high-quality ribbon tweeter in a high-quality, rugged, road-coated speaker cabinet with a powder-coated steel grate for maximum protection. The ES5 can operate with any Audality transmitter, so it can connect with anywhere between 4 and 16 speakers; plus, it can be expanded by daisy-chaining without limits for a powerful wireless sound system. The ES5 Speaker runs on its internal rechargeable battery, but you can still use it while it charges from wall power (120-240V).

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    When used with the Audality Micrphone Transmitter, the ES5 wireless speaker system creates a fully functional pop-up PA system that lets you hold meetings or events anywhere, anytime. The transmitter plugs into any XLR microphone and has a 3.5mm audio jack, making it simple as plug in and play to host a complete event speaking, playing music, running a karaoke party- without an audio technician.

    When used with the P1 Wireless PA Transmitter, you can connect any line level audio device to the transmitter, connect and pair each receiver with a single touch, and experience sonic, hi-fi sound anywhere, anytime. 

    The Audality P1 Wireless PA System is designed specifically for professional audio applications to eliminate long speaker cables and allow for quick and convenient set-up and tear down, all while delivering unrivaled high definition uncompressed audio from the control booth to the stage.

    Whatever the intended use, the ES5 wireless speaker reliably replaces up to 500ft of drops of audio cables without sacrificing sound quality, so you can relax, enjoy your event, and forget about the complicated sound set-up. Simply place on stands around the event space, turn on and pair. The ES5 Wireless Speaker System truly is the easiest sound system you will ever use.

Introducing the ES5 Wireless Speaker System
Audality (R), Laura Krikorian 31 May, 2022
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