How wireless audio technology is about to change
Let's talk about the art of the possible in wireless audio technology
10 September, 2020 by
How wireless audio technology is about to change
Mark Krikorian

Wireless audio technology is at a crossroads. It is time for the next big thing – which (spoiler alert) is coming from Audality. If you want a truly wireless, portable audio system that delivers high quality sound, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are a big disappointment. That’s because Bluetooth only connects to one speaker or headset at a time – with limited range. Wi-Fi, on the other hand, isn’t truly portable. It requires a Wi-Fi router and 120V wall power – and a lot of soul-crushing network setup.

For the longest time, the only wireless way to play audio from your phone or computer was through Bluetooth. Bluetooth opened us up to freedom compared to cable, so we ignored its major problems: the limit of connecting to only one speaker or headset; the short range; the dropouts; the poor audio quality. Wi-Fi audio came onto the scene not so much to solve the problems of Bluetooth, but to send streaming media throughout homes. Every Wi-Fi audio company “strongly recommends” you use old school network cables if you want good quality and connectivity; otherwise, expect your listening experience to be trashed by audio compression and dropouts.

So here is the wish list for the ultimate wireless audio solution:

  • Play to multiple speakers or zones at the same time – not like Bluetooth with a single endpoint

  • 300 feet (100 meters) of range – not 30 feet like Bluetooth, or “cable recommended” like Wi-Fi

  • Simple setup and pairing with no IP/network setup – you shouldn’t have to call the Geek Squad to set it up

  • Uncompressed, 24-bit HD Audio – real high quality audio with all of the nuance

  • Work with out a home network – so you can use it at the beach or on a picnic

  • It’s fully portable – battery powered.

  • No special apps required – it should work for Pandora, Spotify, iTunes (…Nakamichi tape deck, Stanton turntable, …)

It’s time for the spoiler: Audality is where all of that happens. Our wireless really does all those things. An Audality transmitter pairs to multiple speakers  - standard is four, but it is capable of eight. The range is incredible, and it comes with reliable connectivity. Want to set up a sound system for a softball game? Go ahead and put speakers at home plate and in the outfield. And set up is simple – turn it on and play. Re-pairing is a one-touch button press. Uncompressed, 24-bit audio? Yep, you’re going to hear everything. It doesn’t need a home network, and it’s the only wireless worthy of replacing your speaker cables to your amp. It sips power so lightly that it will run on battery for an entire weekend. And it doesn’t depend on a special app, so go ahead and play audio from wherever you like.

What’s more important than playing music from your phone or computer to multiple speakers or headset? That’s your call. Maybe you want to design the next generation discotheque; maybe it's group gaming headsets; or maybe it’s a wireless audio medical device.

That's where we come in. We produce wireless audio transmitters and receivers and the other components you need to create your own new wireless audio products. If you have a product or project that could use the best technology in wireless audio, we’re here to help. Let’s see how we can change the world together.

How wireless audio technology is about to change
Mark Krikorian 10 September, 2020
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