Creative Solutions from Audality for Sound in Outdoor Occasions
27 July, 2022 by
Creative Solutions from Audality for Sound in Outdoor Occasions
Audality (R), Laura Krikorian

    When setting up sound for an outdoor event, Audality’s technology provides functionality that traditional audio rigs just can’t offer. Range and simplicity play a big role in making our technology stand out among other audio solutions. Audality’s wireless transmitters and speakers do not require Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cables, plugs, or passwords. They can be completely powered by batteries that will run well beyond the end of your event, so they can be set up easily and run from anywhere. 

    As with any Audality transmitter and receiver combo, the set-up is extremely simple. You just drop your speakers whereever you want around the venue/space and turn it on. Then turn on the wireless transmitter, and pair. That’s it.

    Sound for the entire event and crowd is easily covered by Audality’s technology. Both Audality’s wireless microphone and wireless PA transmitter can transmit audio wirelessly to four Audality speakers up to a range of 300 feet, so you can place each speaker in strategic locations in order to ensure that your sound reaches across your entire event.

    Over the years we have refined our technology and tested its capabilities in different scenarios. Audality has sponsored outdoor events with complicated barriers to the sound set-up, as well as pop-up PA events, with high success using our flexible and robust audio technology.

Alzheimers Benefit at Château Élan – Exotic car show on the Château course

    As a sponsor, Audality staged the public address system for an outdoor, exotic car show along the fairway of the 25th hole on the Château Élan golf course – a 566-yard par five. The PA system was situated in the Master of Ceremonies tent with the announcing crew located midway down the fairway. Three sets of speakers were placed at the tees, in the MC tent, and on the green. Our job was to broadcast audio the entire length of the fairway with sound quality worthy of such an important event.

    The challenge Audality faced was connecting the microphone midway down the fairway to both the speakers at the tee box 1000 feet uphill and to the green 1000 feet downhill in the opposite direction.

Our solution:

    In the MC tent, we connected the announcers’ microphones and music player into a mixing board. For the tent area, the mixing board was cabled directly to the amplifier and speakers. To connect to the other two sets of speakers, we placed two Audality wireless transmitters on the mixing board in the MC tent. The transmitters were paired with Audality wireless receivers, one in the tee area and one on the green. This wireless connection eliminated the need for 1000 feet of speaker cables in each direction.

For this event, running cables from the MC tent was simply not an option – especially with a hundred or so vintage and exotic cars lining the fairway. A thousand feet of cables weighs several hundred pounds. We would have needed two sets of stereo cables – one in each direction, making the installation much more difficult. Audality’s wireless technology delivers quality that is equal to- or sometimes even better- than a cable. It was a no brainer.

Alzheimers Benefit at Château Élan – Stage and outdoor sound system

    After the car show, the Alzheimers Association held a banquet in the ballroom with a live musical guest, so Audality provided the stage sound system as well. The stage was at the front of the 8000 sq. ft. banquet hall, but the event coordinators wanted the music to also be able to be heard anywhere throughout the cocktail hour which extended out to a lanai 100 feet away across a corridor. Our  job was to set up a professional quality sound system playing simulatneously in both areas without a safety hazard caused by wires and cabling everywhere.

    On the sound stage, we set up each musician with a PRA Audio WiC for Guitar system (now the Audality M1 Wireless Intrusment System) connected to the audio mixing board and the amplifier and  speakers in the room. Our wireless instrument system works with any instrument, so the band used the guitar, banjo, violin, and cello all with the same device.

    To play the music out on the lanai, set up another Audality transmitter/combo to send the audio. The transmitter was connected the the mixing board while the receiver connected to the speakers outside. Audality's superior range, connectivity, and long-lasting battery life allowed the sound to play throughout the entire event without interruption.

Since this event, Audality has been working on buildling even more wireless professional audio solutions and what we have come up with will amaze you. 

Creative Solutions from Audality for Sound in Outdoor Occasions
Audality (R), Laura Krikorian 27 July, 2022
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