A Guide to a Complete Hi-Fi Sound System with Audality
14 December, 2021 by
A Guide to a Complete Hi-Fi Sound System with Audality
Audality (R), Laura Krikorian
  Audality’s audio technology makes it possible to build an entire comprehensive sound system in your home in seconds. With any configuration of transmitters and receivers, there are plenty of different ways you can design your system. Audality allows you to do so much, however, that it can be overwhelming to decide what you need. All of our speakers are high-fidelity wireless speakers that look and sound great, but one might be a better fit for u depending on how you will be using them. In this post, I break down how to build a sound system with Audality that works for you. 

    Audality offers four different high fidelity bamboo speakers as well as several different transmitters that can pair in with any of your speakers or Audality receivers. 

    The S1 is the smallest of our speakers and is best for small spaces or if you want to take it on the go- it comes with a carrying case to make it easy to transport. The S1 is also special, because its two 4" speakers can be set to left, right, or stereo, so you can have stereo with just one speaker. This is where I would start if I only wanted one speaker at the time.

    The S3 Wireless Speaker is still small and portable- also comes with carrying case- but the tweeter adds crisp highs that you might not get from the S1. 

    The S5 can deliver more on the lower end than the S3, so if you like a lot of bass, this is a good place to start. The S5 can still fit on most bookshelves, but it isn't a small speaker. The portability will help with set-up or redecorating, but not for daily, carry-with-you usage.

    The S7 is our most powerful speaker, so if you want audiophile quality, this is the one for you. A pair of S7s will fill your entire home with bold, crystal clear sound.

Next, Audality offers several different transmitters that you can pair with any Audality receiver to send audio from different sources

We have the USB transmitter, Microphone transmitter, and coming soon, the PA transmitter. Between the three of these devices, you can connect almost every audio source in your home wirelessly to any Audality speakers. 

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  Now, how do you know which transmitter/speaker combo works best for the audio system you need?

    At home, I personally have two S3s, one S5, and all three transmitters, so I use my Audality set-up for everything. Streaming music from my phone and/or laptop, TV and movies with my projector, karaoke with the microphone transmitter, connecting my record player wirelessly to my Audality speakers.

    Typically, I keep my two S3s in the front of the room, set to left and right for stereo sound. The S5 is placed behind the seating area, set to play both channels. The S5 can deliver more on the lower end, so it acts sort of as a subwoofer in my set-up. This set up makes sense for me, because I am watching movies just as much as I am streaming music. You may need a different set-up if your usage is different than mine. Refer to my notes above on the four speakers to find the best fit for you.

    The beauty of Audality (other than the great sound) is the simplicity of swapping out transmitters to instantly change the function. On a daily basis, I use my speakers for TV and movies played on my projector as well as streaming music, so there is a lot of switching back and forth.

    To play streamed music, I can connect the USB transmitter directly to a device with USB, or I use my lighting adapter to play through my iPhone. I also use the USB transmitter to play audio from my laptop when i play movies on the projector. When I am using something other than my laptop to stream movies, the PA transmitter can directly connect to the projectors audio. Either way, I have a transmitter that solves my home theatre's audio.


    The PA transmitter connects any line level audio wirelessly to the speakers. This is what I use when I want to listen to vinyl or my DVD player. I keep this transmitter plugged into my record player, so i just have to switch it on and pair, and then i'm already listening.

The ability to connect up to four speakers wirelessly to any audio source I want in my home creates a seamless and simple, fully integrated sound system in my home- no wires or extra gear required to transform the listening room into a movie theatre or a karaoke bar within seconds always with superior sound. With Audality, you can create a system in your home that suites all of your audio needs and is as simple as plugging in and playing.

A Guide to a Complete Hi-Fi Sound System with Audality
Audality (R), Laura Krikorian 14 December, 2021
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